Patented Landfill Lid Daily Cover System

Stop burying time and money with the Patented Landfill Lid system

Leading the way in alternate daily cover

“Richmond Valley Council purchased 6 Wastewell landfill lids in December 2015. Within a couple of months they substantially improved our landfilling operations. The time taken to cover the working face is a fraction of the time taken using soil and the lids are superior in terms of preventing rainwater ingress into the landfill mass. The lids are effective in minimising odours and animal contact with the waste. We now have confidence that our working face is left in a safe, acceptable manner at the end of each day.”

Todd Westgate

Waste & Licensing Compliance Officer

Richmond Valley Counci

Key Benefits

  • Now with a light weight design making manoeuvrability even easier
  • ALL Landfill Lids now come with a fully adjustable pick up system 
  • Save 000's EVERY day with the Patented Landfill Lids
  • Landfill Lids are superior in preventing rainwater ingress
  • Environmentally friendly way to ensure daily cover
  • achieve full cover compliance quickly and easily EVERY day
  • Landfill Lids are an operators dream! quick and easy with no more spreading or scraping
  • Completey effective in all weather conditions  
  • Can be used with equipment already onsite.
  • Operators have full vision when moving the lids.
  • Lids can go on any angle and are designed to go wherever the machine can go.
  • One man operation.
  • Being used in over 35 sites Australia wide.
  • Australian owned and manufactured 
  • Protects against scavenging birds, pigs and dogs.
  • Patent light and strong gal frame.


Landfill Lid RHS Grab 36

Actual weight (dead weight)985kg
Displacement weight1280.5kg
Dimensions10.4W x 3.8L
Frame height100mm clearance
Area covered39.52 m2
Staff required1 person
Frame  and coating typeGalvinised RHS
Expected life5-8 years
Roof type2.4mm gal sheet

Machinery Required:

Any machine with a 4 in 1 bucket.

Landfill Lid 50"

Actual weight (dead weight)1425 kg
Displacement weight1852.2kg
Dimensions13.4W x 3.8L
Frame height2295mm
Area covered50.92 m2
Staff required1 person
Frame  and coating typeGalvanised RHS
Expected life5-8 years
Roof type2.4mm flat plate gal sheet

Machinery Required:

Any machine with a 4 in 1 bucket, blade machine and/or excavator with lifting attachment

  • Rubber Wheeled Loader
  • Traxcavator (Drott)
  • Light crane
  • Waste compactor
  • Excavator with lifting attachment
  • Dozer and more